Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When you love someone to the point of no return, and they don't love back,and what you put in was not what you got back..Then they use you, and break you down, and break your heart on numerous occasions. You just believed in optimism like it was a religion. Just keep believing that people can change. Then you find out their hearts was already elsewhere and if you're not happy for their happiness then you're not a good person. And when you finally try 2 move on, and distance yourself. That person comes back in2 your life to tell you "I feel like you've changed, you don't give me the attention you used too". Well the bitch most'v had a blackout or gone in2 a coma...

BREAKDOWN:I loved her,she sorta only liked me as a brother.askd her out~she played me. A week later she has a new boyfriend.~I had my wtf face every1 has 1~h.s is over~off to separate colleges~1st semester ends.she says why don't I hit her up no more I've changed.
NOW M I WRONG 4 "CHANGING". She saw it as changing I saw it as moving on.

Im typing too much.tryna become a REAL blogger and tell people I will never no about my life ..lol ill be going back to my lil poem that often post..um just know that this girl was the 1 in my eyes .then when I got 2 college every turn there was another "the 1" in my eyes..lol.


Miss.Fortune said...

hell naw..u did the right thing..

u cant MAKE somebody love u..
u can only do what u do and if the feelings arent mutual..move on..
and thats what u did..

tell her ass to find someone else to chase her..she cant have her cake and eat that bitch too..
she miss the attention u used to give her but thats what her "new man"(who is probably NOT as good as u) is for...
u like how i snuck that n there dont u..lol..

keep ur head up..she wasnt the one..!

Rich2021 said...

lol wow thnx you are so right

Ashley Outrageous said...

you better let her know who wears the pants! ive been in this situation before, not cool at all. but hey; they always want us wen were gone smh

Rich2021 said...

thnx 4 relating

I am Jwork said...

Mna this is real talk

Rich2021 said...


Nellz said...

no you did nothing wrong..wtf im sorry to hear that anyway.

chap 7 is up!

"The Good Life"

ramsay michelle. said...

Sounds to me like you were dealing with a childish broad.

In the words of Mike Jones, "back then, didn't want me, now Im hot, they all on me."

People always abuse a good thing but they don't know a good thing until its gone.

- ramsay michelle.

Rich2021 said...

yeh ive heard that one a few times i like that