Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Did i Get This Good..lol

Swear you aint heard it like this
Ain't Goin Nowhere(plus)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ease My Pain

Ease My Pain(link1)
Ease My Pain(link2)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lost 1

if change happened over night,
then 2mor id be over bright
How can I get over my days
When I can't get over nights
Where even the wrong ppl
win over the mr.rights
Some ppl shuda got cut
Iono how dey missed the knife
If actions speak louder then words
we just don't listen right
Time 4 me to give up,this wasnt my fight
From the get-go I wasn't her type :(
Play it off like she wasnt the 1 I liked

Its Face

"He stand out like a fountain,
on 40 Akers of free grass
Its funny how people can hide everything
behind a cheap laugh
But it doesn't add up like
People doing the wrong math
He don't wanna be average
the mode or the medium
Some1 predicted he'd be here
Like a psychic,or a medium
That's why he do it big
Rocking v-neck t's sizes are medium
He do the game good
that's why they be needing him
the paper is what be feeding him
We are the same like
Synonym siblings


She makes my heart beat like African drums.

Her voice persuades me like a siren would.

She is the bread for others are the crumbs.

Her eyes make me do things I never could.

Everyday its getting harder to hide.

She is a star and the world is her stage.

Her voice whispers the wind that makes me glide.

Lyricists fail to understand her phrase.

Only towards the moon my dreams are hurled.

We are parallel, set to never cross,

and we are both from two different worlds.

Eternal efforts are forever lost,

But I am optimistic till the end.

It is where my dreams will set to begin.

Im Lost

I'm lost, honestly, I wish I new

I thought I was high, but apparently I never flew

I thought I went on a journey, but I never left home

I'm the bird who was left in the nest and called it home

Now I'm left on this island all alone

I thought I could grasp true pleasure

But it quickly turned to sand, like fake treasure

Now I'm left all yellow, like Bart Simp

I thought you were the Louis to my Clark Kent

Loving you has really thrown me off track

What ever happened to you saying we were bridging the gap

Because of you, I somehow transitioned myself into a poet

I am yearning for your love

whenever you are ready to show it

I'm lost, honestly I wish I new


Sadness yesterday,n today der's sorrow.
I'll give u da luv dey only let u borrow.
If we play 4 keeps,i'd give ma all til im practicly hollow
I used 2 play nervous, like my gulps I'd swallow.
But now "U" n "I" are ma favorite 2 vowels
2 express ma feelins 4 u in words iz a mouthfull
Single child, but ma luv fills up a household....


Now every time your name get brut up

Id get caught up, like kind of sort of

Shy, girl u know u the reason y,

I can't describe the way I feel inside

When I noticed u, n u noticed I

Like I no this girl, and u know this guy

Lookd in2 ur eyes, like "there's the sky "

I look 4 disguises, but here u r

I c me in u, like that's how clear u r

There u r, like peek-a-boo

Man I'm glad I peaked a boo

Man I'm glad I picked ya boo

Love so tight, how dose air get thru....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bonafide- I set off,gimme the torch
Bonafide- No Other Like You, Like me