Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Megan Good Hailie Berry.a lil sumthin sumthin.dis stuff is my opinion

So I was watchin Megan Good I mean Waist Deep 2day..
Nd sum1 asked me why do I like her so much .she's dis,she's dat,and she slept wit such n such.

I don't get how people can hate on Megan Good honestly but if it was Hailie Berry.ppl wud love she aint show her boobs nd Swordfish.nd Everyone remembers Monsters Ball movie wit nd dat long triple x rated scene wit billy bob thornton.BILLY BOB THORNTON.(wtf)BILLY BOB THORNTON.!!omg are u serious lol BillY BoB ..that's low,real low.if u ask me.Mr.Bad Santa come'on.I feel like the names that thrown at Megan should be thrown at Hailie.but ppl loooove Hailie.I do 2 but nowhere near as much as I do 4 Megan..lmao

My question is why do people not like Megan Good?(Mostly the females lol)
I mean she is beautiful,she is talented, and a very gifted actress...I should write a Megan Good Poem..lmao..sike that would be O.D

dont mind da breast implants part lol ..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

4 all my Mr.Me 2s

No matter how I look,
no matter what I do,
where I am or where I will be
You can't even imagine
Without first having to 'image' me
But it don't get to me
Cause all these similarities are straight up mimicry
And even if its a form of flattery
I keep them all going like batteries
I am the get up,the bonus in your salary"

Something Missing

There is something,something missing
Missing from when,when we kissing
I don't knoooow, and I won't try
But you can gooo, because I ain't gon cry
And you should know that its goodbye

Its a new week,so different from the last
Don't know the new you,so different from the last
You beat up on your past
And your future'll never last
Think you hanging off a cliff
And you're just 2-inches from the grass
I laugh, you lookin like squash,
And potatoes mashed
A train wreck,with no damages,from the crash
My chest felt, when I laughed @ your ass
But now my head's up
like a 6ft teacher is lecturing class

what I feel you do

Everyday I do me
times 3
Than the last day.
I mean to be
In an ass way.
So im sorry
If I don't say things
in a nice way.

You touch to be touched
Love to be loved
Feel to get felt
And when the feelings are felt
Your actions were all for the get backs
Expectations with a whole lot of setbacks
Your step forward was really a step back
So step back,before moving forward into another set trap.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Black Book rhymes lol-a Lil Wayne/Plies inspired thought

'Im a fantastic romancer,
Call me 'Mr.Boombastic'
Girl,I can make it juicy
4u like good gossip'
I'll have a drink,but its you that I'll sip
You open like a store,
Im tryna get 2dat isle 6-
T9, She can't feel her spine
ass is so divine
I hit it from the back,
nd made her tell me that it's mine
U better watch your eyes
or else you'll be blind
U better watch your girl
Or else she'll be mine

Merry Christmas and happy holidays

Sunday, December 21, 2008


The 1s I so called chased,liked, or loved either wasn't seeing me that way or jus used sumthing I gave'm.either it was how I made'm I was so gullible. sumthin!.but never got wut I wanted. So wen I jus do me n sum1s new feelin me.I either don't care.go along.or ride it out.and at da end no1 wins..cuz u can't force urself to love or like sum1.
When do I just meet sum1 whose not clingy.I hate clingy.cuz so far da types dat fall 4 me are sumhow always clingy.damn listen 2 mrs independent or that Keisha Cole show.bump 2 sum Mary j. Blidge even Pink if u have 2.damn!
Just got outa relationship w/ a girl who 1day chose 2 hit me up on a fake screen name to talk to me to find out if im da cheating type,to see if I would lie just spit game at a random not stupid.ppl who get my screen are ppl dat know me.she made up a dumb she goes and tells me she saw me at a party nd her friend gave her my screen name cuz she was likin how I held I asked where do I no u?.do u live on campus.did we go2 da same high school.u got a facebook.a myspace or sumthin.Nd she said no.come on now a days every1 got sumthin. so right off da back I saw thru her fake screen name nonsense.
I hit her up she like 'hey boo'.. wassup im good wutchu up..'nothing blahblabla bla' o iight so wuts gud wit da whole fake screen name thing.'lol wutchu tawkin bout'.come on I no it was u,ur a horrible lier anyways..'ooo yeahh dat.dat was nothin.I did dat 2 my other boyfriends 2 c how they wud act or say bout me'.so y u did it 2 me? 'ummm well.sometimes guys will tell dere feelins 2 other ppl,instead sum1 dey no because dey feel comfortable wit others blablah(short attention spend,den I zone out)..
Whatever well I feel like if ur in college n ur still actin like a youngin. There is a problem.the ppl we meet in high school n college are almost like who we gonna know 4 da rest of our days unless u travel nd stuff.Some ppl actually find there spouses in college. And I see it first hand.l know ppl who be tellin me 'yo dats wifey' actually met the parent.I waitin.I jus real for a real chick dat got a backbone. Feel me.

ZSHARE? why do u do this

sometimes i really hate zshare. Every look 4 a song finally find and either get that "File Not Found" page or when you hit "download" den that other page pops up. So then you finally "click here" den the download page pops up again. Im happy that their is Mediafire and Limelinx.


They say im fresh at mouth
I guess it is the trident
Im so gone
They tryna go where I went
I beat it so much
That they say I am violent
Im getting the shine
They are just Joe Biden's
If I was the man of steel
They'd still be bittin'
Cause im on point
like Jordan's right hand
And a snitch gone need more than
Osama to hide him
I need to get payed in full
Like Rahkim

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thought of dis while listenin to Taio Cruz n R.kelly-She Know it

She won't cost you a lot
She's like a hybrid
She's a new mix
she's from a high bread
The money come n go
Like hi/by bread
Look straight ahead
Is what the cockeyed said
She's so fine she's so great
She gone end up in my dinner plate
Im running this thing like Barry Sanders
Im so great like Alexander
give the best gifts,just call me Santa
Ill go Willie Wonkers, if you do my Bangcock
she my wonder woman, im just her Handcock

Listening to "808's and Heartbreak"
Kanye's depression
O you still talking
,didn't you learn your lesson
"O0o yeah my phone was off,
I Didn't get your message"
And every day
There's an excuse
With new leverage
But now you old news
Like new relics
And Yes my heart broke
But I didn't need the medics
I don't want the headaches

Monday, December 15, 2008

not done

Everyday i do me
Times 3
Than the last day
I mean to be
in an ass way
so im sorry
if don't say things
in a nice way

Friday, December 5, 2008

Freshmen year is comin to an end..Fuck i know y ders so many college dropouts how did i ever even last this long