Sunday, December 21, 2008


The 1s I so called chased,liked, or loved either wasn't seeing me that way or jus used sumthing I gave'm.either it was how I made'm I was so gullible. sumthin!.but never got wut I wanted. So wen I jus do me n sum1s new feelin me.I either don't care.go along.or ride it out.and at da end no1 wins..cuz u can't force urself to love or like sum1.
When do I just meet sum1 whose not clingy.I hate clingy.cuz so far da types dat fall 4 me are sumhow always clingy.damn listen 2 mrs independent or that Keisha Cole show.bump 2 sum Mary j. Blidge even Pink if u have 2.damn!
Just got outa relationship w/ a girl who 1day chose 2 hit me up on a fake screen name to talk to me to find out if im da cheating type,to see if I would lie just spit game at a random not stupid.ppl who get my screen are ppl dat know me.she made up a dumb she goes and tells me she saw me at a party nd her friend gave her my screen name cuz she was likin how I held I asked where do I no u?.do u live on campus.did we go2 da same high school.u got a facebook.a myspace or sumthin.Nd she said no.come on now a days every1 got sumthin. so right off da back I saw thru her fake screen name nonsense.
I hit her up she like 'hey boo'.. wassup im good wutchu up..'nothing blahblabla bla' o iight so wuts gud wit da whole fake screen name thing.'lol wutchu tawkin bout'.come on I no it was u,ur a horrible lier anyways..'ooo yeahh dat.dat was nothin.I did dat 2 my other boyfriends 2 c how they wud act or say bout me'.so y u did it 2 me? 'ummm well.sometimes guys will tell dere feelins 2 other ppl,instead sum1 dey no because dey feel comfortable wit others blablah(short attention spend,den I zone out)..
Whatever well I feel like if ur in college n ur still actin like a youngin. There is a problem.the ppl we meet in high school n college are almost like who we gonna know 4 da rest of our days unless u travel nd stuff.Some ppl actually find there spouses in college. And I see it first hand.l know ppl who be tellin me 'yo dats wifey' actually met the parent.I waitin.I jus real for a real chick dat got a backbone. Feel me.


before the hype said...

LMAO @ go listen to Miss Independent or watch some Keyshia Cole!
that is so true.
people are all grown playing the same little kid games.
Insecurities are hard to get over.
Good luck with the search for a non-clinger. LOL

I am Jwork said...

I like the joint back in the day way before it's time

Lady of the year. said...


♥Shezlikeastar said...

Lol...funny post.