Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Megan Good Hailie Berry.a lil sumthin sumthin.dis stuff is my opinion

So I was watchin Megan Good I mean Waist Deep 2day..
Nd sum1 asked me why do I like her so much .she's dis,she's dat,and she slept wit such n such.

I don't get how people can hate on Megan Good honestly but if it was Hailie Berry.ppl wud love she aint show her boobs nd Swordfish.nd Everyone remembers Monsters Ball movie wit nd dat long triple x rated scene wit billy bob thornton.BILLY BOB THORNTON.(wtf)BILLY BOB THORNTON.!!omg are u serious lol BillY BoB ..that's low,real low.if u ask me.Mr.Bad Santa come'on.I feel like the names that thrown at Megan should be thrown at Hailie.but ppl loooove Hailie.I do 2 but nowhere near as much as I do 4 Megan..lmao

My question is why do people not like Megan Good?(Mostly the females lol)
I mean she is beautiful,she is talented, and a very gifted actress...I should write a Megan Good Poem..lmao..sike that would be O.D

dont mind da breast implants part lol ..