Friday, April 24, 2009

Poetry Flow- The BreakDown

They told her, she needs somebody

to complete her
But with what she's been thru she knew
a man would only defeat her
But then they mentioned
"What's life if you aint  got sum1 to share it with"
But she feared that sum1 wud
Breakdown her wits and not leave one bit

So she then she takes a risk
Cuz her life really wasn't all that bliss
Its been so long that she forgot her 1st kiss
She can't remember wut it feels like be loved nd missed.
So she's starts goin out and goin on dates
And everything is goin almost perfectly great
Months turn to years, she feels that its fate

[LOVE IS?....]
The word that wasn't meant to hurt'ha
Is so vis versa, she feels that its murda
Like she's dying,and her wounds only worsen.
To keep her locked down, he's that person.
The love aint around,but the hatred is lurkin
So now they're arguing, fighting and cursing.

They were more of a Chris Brown & Rihanna
Then Bow Wow and Ciara
Dreams of getting married but she was never a fiancé
No Hov & Beyoncé,
No light that's beyond day,
No love that's beyond hate,
He took what light she had and striped her of her faith


Sheli said...

That's so cute! I love your poems, mind if I post on my blog?

Rich2021 said...

yeh no prob ma