Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poetry Flow- She's Moved On

Ou babe baby
Im comin' in clean
So please don't go
Don't do this to me
We've worked it out
In our history
So if you leave me
I will be Incomplete
So incomplete

You and the rest, have left, with a part of me
So What is left,to give,from this heart of me
I Can't work,I can't breath, I can't function right
You see it in my face,you see it in my eyes
Im down all day, and im up all night
I tried to move on,go along,with my days
I keep thinking back, should I change my ways
I feel like im trapped,I feel like im dazed

And every time I look in the mirror
It could not be no clearer
That nothing, will ever, draw us nearer
Our future now is grey,slowly fading into black
Would it ever be the same, if we were to get back
I was so full of life,now im feeling kind of flat
They say love is war, so why didn't you fight back
I was ready for the battles, but you didn't even attack

[I actually came up wit a lil melody for this 1, lol, if I could id want day 26 to sing this .don't know boutchu guys but ,I cud hear rob on this 1 lol.lemme stop tawkin crazy]


Lique said...

i just love your work!it takes you on a story..and day 26 would be nice with this

Rich2021 said...

lol thnx a lot i appreciate it