Monday, March 30, 2009

Poetry Flow- Appreciation Depletion

She always put me second
like my verse on this track
So now I rock a NorthFace (bookbag)
cause she never had my back
I turned off the love
b4 my hearts not intact
And she turns off her phone
b4 I call back
Cuz she already knows,
what we have is turning black
She think she all that,
but she can't face the facts
And her emotions are slipping,
and flowing off the tracks
the idea of not being loved,
is something she can't lack

[The lil story I was- she don't appreciate him,so he realizes it nd aint tryna break his heart over her,so he tries 2 call it off like break up,but its kinda like she knows its comin but doesn't want it 2 happen]