Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poerty Flow- Shit Happens & Learn

Put the blame on me
for happened, and what I did.
Everything was my fault
I was such a spoiled kid.
You gave me the warnings
But I didn't really care.
And now you're not here
I looked in my heart
nothing was really there.
You wouldn't recognize me,
Even if you really stared.

Thought I had a grip,but you unhand me.
Then You used my kindness, against me.
We were inseparable,now we're enemies
In that chapter of my life,girl you was the end of me.

Just like a novel,
my next chapter is in view
Thought I moved on,
but I still write about you
Even tho id like to,
Have redo's and part 2's
I realized life just flows
The way that it has to