Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poetry Flow- Nerds and bullies

My heart is a nerd
,hers is a bully
My love is just the money,
that bullies take from me.
They take it with a smile
But aint nothing funny
Happiness is the food
And im almost always hungry.

A relationship is like school
I just wanted my diploma.
I'm only happy when I dreams
so i should be in a coma.
Trying be an equal, seen as a lesser
Same courses, new professors
The bully and the nerd,
don't move with the same gesters

(I hope ya get this, iwas tryna make everything symbolic..tell me what ya think pepolz )


Anonymous said...

I love this peice! Write On! Right On!

Rich2021 said...


-- // lethalpoi$on said...

very metaphoric ; niceeee ;-) i love it *

Rich2021 said...

lol thnx