Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poetry Flow- Her Chances won't Come

She's losing it, all of her composure.
Doing whatever
for a lil bit of closure.
She was a virgin in the game
Til someone unclosed her.
Gave her warmth in the spring,
In the winter he unclothed her.
She was striped of her light,
left to be down,
She wanna be held
When nobody wants to hold her.
She walks the streets like
A stray dog with no owner.
But nobody wants to

{Dis was just some random poem iwas tryna think of something sad to break away from my usual luvy duvy poems lol.} But please check out my other Poetry Flows their is 1 that every1 will like u jus gotta check'm out.


Milly said...

I love it!
It provokes thought

Retromus-ik said...

I really like this. Its real talk as T.I would put it...I can't believe I just quoted T.I lol ;)

ABlackGirlNameBev* said...

I like it!
It's kind of sad though.

Anonymous said...

You were deffinately succesful in straying away from the usual love song.

Lique said...

thanks for following my blog.thats REALLY good.i love poetry

chanel said...

i loved that.

Rich2021 said...

thanks for the love pplz