Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poetry Flow- Ex-pectations

Even when it's meant be
Don't mean it's always guaranteed
Thought we were on extasy
Found out that it was leprosy
The only spot for you
Used to be right next to me.
Now I Wouldn't recognize you
if you were next to me....

Should I hold my emotions in
Or should I let them erupt
Sometimes I feel like what I give
is never enough...
Its like a game I can't win
But I don't wanna give up
And after all of my mistakes
Regrets would not stress things ENOUGH!....

And all I could do is, wake up the next day
To choose to stay down, or to find the next way...

[Thoughts- Don't know bout you guys but I personally liked the middle of this 1.To me this is like a universal piece because no matter what the background,age,color,race,shoe size,cup size every1 who's felt like the "message" I tried to send in this 1 could relate. If not than I guess my poems just suck lol

Ummmm I no dis last week I've been lazy wit the posts as you can see I jus posted a random pic of Drake n Lebron together. BUT I'VE BEEN LISTENING 2 "SO FAR GONE" LATELY AND DOIN THIS WHOLE COLLEGE THING. I TEND TO LOSE MY TRACK OF TIME.]


Miss.Fortune said...

this is exactly what im going thru..but its actually me this poem is talkin about..
this is how my ex has been feelin!
and i know im changing but i feel like its for the best of me..

i need to show him this..then again maybe not..lol

THANK YOU i loved it

Rich2021 said...

lol its probably better if he dont..your welcome i try

Lique said...

i love your poetry!it takes you on a journey and i have been through this with my ex.LOVE IT!